Swiss Bank UBS Almost Lost $31 Billion USD!

The Japanese unit of the largest Swiss bank UBS nearly lost 30 trillion yen because of a computer errors. it was about to spend 3 trillion yen (31 billion dollars) to purchase bonds of Capcom, a manufacturer of video games. (Bloomberg Report).

USB Bank officials then explained that they were going to place an order for the purchase of bonds in the amount of 30 million yen (310 thousand dollars), but due to an error, computer added Five zeros to the order.

According to UBS, the deal was concluded on the OTC market and has not been recorded in the Trading System of Tokyo Stock Exchange (BBC Report).

According to Capcom, Famous producer of game series Resident Evil and Street Fighter, the Tokyo Stock Exchange canceled the deal and they apologized from the company. Cancellation was requested by UBS, who also asked for forgiveness for the mistake. This event however did not had any major impact on the trading session.

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